b'Rise Up With Pride For Washington Lyrics by Catherine Henderson Class of 2008Music by Bill ContiRise up with pride for WashingtonFor purple and for goldFrom far and wide we meet as oneAs Huskies proud and boldChorusWashington we hail to theeHonor, truth, integrityForever shine from lake to shoreYour light upon us ever more.Rise up with pride for WashingtonTogether hand in handWe will proclaim our loyaltyIn song throughout the landChorusPhoto on Page 1: Washington we hail to theeThe four Ionic columns in Sylvan Grove. These columns originally graced the portico of the Universitys first building, which was erected in 1861 on the territorialHonor, truth, integritysite in downtown Seattle. They were salvaged when the building was torn down and installed on the new campus (very near the intersection of King and Pierce Lanes in the Quad) in 1911.In 1921 they were moved to their current home in Sylvan Grove.Forever shine from lake to shoreReplicas of these columns form the backdrop for our commencement stage. They remind us of our duty to preserve for future generations the priceless legacy of allYour light upon us ever more.those who have come before us.'