b'Baccalaureate DegreesAmy Ly, Education, Communities andKarina Busuego Sioson, Early Care andCharles Marshall Bohlin, With Honors in Organizations Education: Teaching and Learning COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING BioengineeringZexin Lyu, Education, Communities andAlexandra Z. Smith, Early Childhood and FamilyAlice Anna BurchettOrganizations Studies; Greek ORANGE TASSEL Shivalika Chavan, Data Science Option, With Sarvin Mahmoodi, Education, Communities andRachel D. Smithers, Education, CommunitiesHonors in Bioengineering: Data Science Organizations and Organizations; Political Science OptionDakota Malberg-Loen, Early Care andJakob David Steen, Education, CommunitiesCandidates will be presented byYi-Chia ChuEducation: Teaching and Learning and Organizations Frank & Julie Jungers Dean Nancy Allbritton Abigail Colmenares, Nanoscience and Molecular Kaitlin K. Mar, Early Childhood and FamilyMegan Studer, Education, Communities andEngineering OptionStudies Organizations; Psychology Aleah DeschmidtMelany Martinez, Education, Communities andTong Su, Early Childhood and Family Studies:BACHELOR OF SCIENCEFrank James Destefano, With Honors in Organizations Teaching and Learning IN AERONAUTICAL ANDBioengineeringSalvador A. Martinez, Early Childhood andSarah Swanson, Education, Communities andASTRONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Alejandro Diaz, With Honors in BioengineeringFamily Studies Organizations Devin K. EngDenise Martinez-Castillo, Early Childhood andCyrill Alexandria Tan, Early Childhood and FamilyAlexander James Barbera Kendall S. EsceneFamily Studies; Communication Studies: Teaching and Learning Daniel Beeson, With Honors in Aeronautical andJumana Fathima, Data Science OptionGenevieve Mathurin, Early Care and Education Jieshan Tan, Early Childhood and FamilyAstronautical Engineering Bradie Michelle FergusonBranden McFarland, Education, CommunitiesStudies; Social Welfare Joseph Lawrence Bellevue David Ferrer, With Honors in Bioengineeringand Organizations Yuk Ching Thebia Tang, Early Childhood andGregory O. Boyce Issac Giovanni Flores, With Honors in Cassandra Delos Santos McKenzie, Education,Family Studies Branton Bradford BioengineeringCommunities and Organizations; Psychology Kejavu Taylor, Early Childhood and FamilyFrederick Austin Chandra Avry C. Freaney, With Honors in BioengineeringVirginia Mehl, Education, Communities andStudies: Teaching and Learning Nicolas Kuan-Yu Chu Megan Freer, With College Honors in Organizations Megan P. Thao, Early Childhood and FamilyIsaiah A. Cuadras, With Honors in AeronauticalBioengineeringRosa Mendoza, Education, Communities andStudies and Astronautical Engineering Matthew Halim, Data Science OptionOrganizations; American Ethnic Studies Tiffany Lynn Thornock, Early Care andKristina Dong Skyler R. Hallinan, With Honors in Karina Itzel Mercado, Education, CommunitiesEducation: Teaching and Learning Kyle Edward Fisher Bioengineeringand Organizations Teresa Till, Early Care and Education: TeachingJoshua A. Forsythe Ifrah Javed, Data Science OptionRyan Ashley Miller, Early Childhood and Familyand Learning Brendan Geffe Xieergai JiangStudies Princess Angeline Basco Totaan, EarlyAthil Peter George, With Honors in AeronauticalTrevor Johnston, With College Honors in Sarah Ann Miller, Education, Communities andChildhood and Family Studies and Astronautical Engineering BioengineeringOrganizations; Law, Societies, and Justice Brianna Tran, Early Childhood and FamilyZachary J. Gommi, With Honors in AeronauticalIsabella Anne KempEdith Morales, Early Care and Education:Studies: Teaching and Learning and Astronautical Engineering Jasmeet Khera, With Honors in BioengineeringTeaching and Learning Jacqueline Tran, Early Childhood and FamilyMichelle Michal Graebner, With Honors inGrace S. Kim, With Honors in BioengineeringSo Nanthavongsa, Early Childhood and FamilyStudies Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Marly Ruth Koala, With Honors in BioengineeringStudies Judy Tran, Education, Communities andGrace C. Hannahs Anushri Kopparam RamanathColleen Nguyen, Education, Communities andOrganizations; English Colton Lee Hill Alexandra T. Koriath, Nanoscience and Organizations Mayleen Transon, Early Childhood and FamilyJillian Hottelli Molecular Engineering Option, With Honors in Maria Nguyen, Early Childhood and FamilyStudies Garrett Quinn Jordan Bioengineering: Nanoscience and Molecular Studies: Teaching and Learning Noelle Tyau, Education, Communities andAnant Kapur Engineering OptionSelena N. Nguyen, Early Childhood and FamilyOrganizations Thomas M. Key, With Honors in AeronauticalKarina Nicole LaValley, With Honors in Studies: Teaching and Learning Angelica Velazquez, Education, Communitiesand Astronautical Engineering BioengineeringThu H. Nguyen, Early Childhood and Familyand Organizations Monica Kim Hanran Lei, With Honors in BioengineeringStudies; Public Health-Global Health Karla Denise Vitela, Early Childhood and FamilyDrake A. King Richmon Lin, With Honors in BioengineeringVivian T. Nguyen, Early Care and Education:Studies Luke Edward Kuklenski, With Honors inMatthew Heshan Liu, With Honors in Teaching and Learning Tetiana Vozniuk, Education, Communities andAeronautical and Astronautical Engineering BioengineeringIrene I. Nieves, Early Care and Education Organizations Jae W. Lee Nicholas Edward LueraIsabelle Nogoy, Education, Communities andJudy Vue, Education, Communities andShelby M. Lee Yonas L. Meshesha, With Honors in Organizations Organizations Zhangsheng Lian BioengineeringSoo Min Noh, Education, Communities andHanson Vuong, Education, Communities andAdrian Kiuho Lo Hana Morris, Data Science Option, With Honors Organizations Organizations Ryan Lorette in Bioengineering: Data Science OptionLaura N. Olmos, Education, Communities andBingyan Wang, Education, Communities andBrian Lee Mach Rei Mukai, With Honors in BioengineeringOrganizations Organizations Jacqueline Nicole Marquette Renee Kirkland Nahum, With Honors in Denise Ortiz, Early Childhood and Family Studies Xiyu Wang, Early Childhood and Family Studies Gabrielle L. McDaniel BioengineeringJessica B. Par, Education, Communities andHannah Euin Williams, Early Care and Education:Taylour Mills Amanda A. Nguyen, With College Honors in Organizations Teaching and Learning Toby W. Moreno BioengineeringMaya A. Patraca, Early Childhood and FamilyLaurie Willoughby, Education, Communities andAnwar Moustafa Hienschi V. NguyenStudies: Teaching and Learning Organizations Pascal Kenzo Nagata Maria NigosJessica Paz Mejia, Early Childhood and FamilyJunyao Wu, Education, Communities andIcevar Varan Naguleswaran Abigail Anita OConnor, With Honors in Studies Organizations; Psychology Caroline Paxton BioengineeringJasmine L. Pel, Education, Communities andNien-Hwa Wu, Early Childhood and FamilyHoward Peng, With Honors in Aeronautical andWilliam Karl Ojemann, With Honors in Organizations; Psychology Studies Astronautical Engineering BioengineeringBrianna Lenaye Penrod, Education,Yue Wu, Education, Communities andNoah Alexander Piper Favour OrjiCommunities and Organizations Organizations William Carrigan Pope Jolie My-Linh Phan, Nanoscience and Molecular Kristy Truc Pham, Education, Communities andWen Xi, Education, Communities andIgnacio Napoleon Re Engineering Option, With Honors in Organizations Organizations; Psychology Samuel Keaton Reissmann Bioengineering: Nanoscience and Molecular Grace Phan, Early Childhood and Family Studies Zeyu Xiang, Education, Communities andEric Konstantine Rubakha Engineering OptionJammie J. Phea, Education, Communities andOrganizations Oliver Young Ruo Aashik Jayesh Raman, With Honors in Organizations; History Xinyu Xie, Early Childhood and Family Studies Quintinlee Serrano BioengineeringMarie Antoja Plantilla, Early Childhood andZiqin Xie, Early Childhood and Family Studies Nicholas Steiner Sianghio Vamsiraman Raman, With Honors in Family Studies: Teaching and Learning Jinglin Yang, Education, Communities andDevon Shane Smith BioengineeringAzka Qasim, Education, Communities andOrganizations Jared Smythe Margaux Anna Randolph, With Honors in Organizations Karen Yang, Early Childhood and Family Studies Michael Somnang Stemen BioengineeringYumeng Qian, Education, Communities andQiutong Ye, Education, Communities andHaley Rose Stewart Diana Carolina ReimanOrganizations Organizations Zachary K. Tom, With Honors in AeronauticalParker Scott Ruth, With College Honors in April Marie Rainey, Early Care and Education Claire Yen, Education, Communities andand Astronautical Engineering BioengineeringTreyon Ameil Reche, Education, CommunitiesOrganizations Nicholas Toyama Mary Sepulveda Sanchezand Organizations; Communication Ibrahim A. Yusuf, Education, Communities andBao Thai Truong Alexandra SesteroPeyton McKenna Reed-Henderson, Education,Organizations Ethan Isamu Uehara Kara E. Shibley, Data Science Option, With Communities and Organizations Wen Zeng, Education, Communities andChristopher Coaker Van Den Heuvel Honors in Bioengineering: Data Science Rebecca Milagro Roman, Education,Organizations Mathias Van Patten OptionCommunities and Organizations Rushuang Zhang, Education, Communities andFnu Vinsensius Nadia S. Siddiqui, With Honors in BioengineeringCarlee Kay Ronish, Education, Communities andOrganizations; Communication Matthew David Vredevoogd James C. Soetedjo, With Honors in Organizations Yuyan Zhang, Early Childhood and FamilyWenkang Wang BioengineeringTaylor T. Roscoe, Early Childhood and FamilyStudies; Art Catherine P. Wilborn, With InterdisciplinaryAgnes Yaeji SongStudies: Teaching and Learning Yuxuan Zhao, Education, Communities andHonors Laila Stoddart, With Honors in BioengineeringAustin Jacoby Ross, Education, CommunitiesOrganizations Eric Wills Chaoyang Tang, With Honors in Bioengineeringand Organizations Jenny Zheng, Early Childhood and FamilyJongseung Won Kathryn M. Thien, With Honors in BioengineeringShannon Christine Ruocco, Early Care andStudies: Teaching and Learning Wuyue Xia Allan L. WangEducation: Teaching and Learning Yicheng Zheng, Education, Communities andJinhe Xu Ruiqi Wang, With Honors in With HonorsEmily J. Russell, Early Childhood and FamilyOrganizations Mitsuki Yoneda Natalie Kai Yi Yap, With Honors in Studies Xinqi Zhong, Education, Communities andJiaping Zhen BioengineeringNoemi A. Sandoval, Education, CommunitiesOrganizations Katherine Ye Zhangand Organizations Yitong Zhong, Education, Communities andSijia Zhang, With Honors in BioengineeringLindsey Jade Santos, Education, CommunitiesOrganizations BACHELOR OF SCIENCE and Organizations Beibei Zhou, Education, Communities andIN BIOENGINEERINGEun-Sun Shin, Education, Communities andOrganizations BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN Organizations Sijie Zhou, Education, Communities andJeremy James Aguirre CHEMICAL ENGINEERINGBrooklyn Luraine Silva, Education, CommunitiesOrganizations Manjari M-G Anant, With Honors in and Organizations Bioengineering Chyson K. AcobaQingwen Sima, Education, Communities andJacelyn Danielle Bain Zane M. AcostaOrganizations Megana Reddy Boddam, Data Science Option,Abdulaziz A. T. A. AlmulaifiNaureen Singh, Education, Communities andWith Interdisciplinary Honors Kenny B. AndreOrganizations Jacob R. Anson 60 '