b'University of Washington a World of Good2021 CommencementThe University of Washington, on the occasion of its one hundred forty-sixth commencement, cordially welcomes all those who have come to join in ceremonies honoring the members of the graduating class of 2021.The University, which was founded in 1861, has grown from modest beginnings in a wilderness society to become one of the worlds preeminent research institutions. The more than 530,000 alumni and alumnae who have earned degrees at the University of Washington both reflect and extend its reputation as a global center of innovation and learning, a place where passion for discovery and a deep sense of social equity inspire the development of new knowledge for the common good.Undergraduate education lies at the core of the Universitys mission, with sixty-eight percent of all students enrolled as undergraduates. At the same time, the Universitys exceptional faculty and facilities, the integration of advanced research and undergraduate teaching, and the availability of individualized and interdisciplinary programs, mean that graduates complete their baccalaureates not only with a firm academic foundation, but frequently with notable achievements in their chosen fields. In graduate and professional education, a renowned faculty of scholars, researchers, artists, and visionaries is educating the next generation of doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, teachers, and skilled professionals. University faculty and students often work collaboratively with our regions acclaimed computer science, biotechnology, and aerospace industries to design and create a wide range of innovative technologies for the 21st century. Indeed, the University itself is an engine of economic growth, generating $15.7 billion annually in the state of Washington in terms of direct, indirect and induced economic impact. In the most recent Reuters ranking of world universities on innovation, UW was ranked No. 5 overall and retained its position as the most innovative public university in the world.Those who graduate today will take their place among societys foremost leaders in science and the arts, education, business, law, health care, and public service, enriching the cultural vitality and well-being of peoples around the world.To the members of the class of 2021, the University extends its sincere congratulations. Their accomplishment is one in which the University takes deepest pride.The Mace and the MedallionUniversity of Washington ceremonial occasions begin with the entrance of the University Mace, carried by Joseph Janes, associate professor in The Information School and University Marshal. A mace was originally a weapon used by mounted knights for self-protection. It since has become a symbol of authority indicating that the proceedings to follow have official sanction.The University Mace bears the inscription: Presented to the University on the occasion of its Centennial by the University of Washington Alumni Association, 1961. Its triangular headpiece is topped by a silver reproduction of Drumheller Fountain. The three sides bear engravings of the University seal, Denny Hall (the first building on the present campus), and the original University building on the Territorial campus. The tradition of the presidents seal medallion began in 1958, when Dr. Charles E. Odegaard was inaugurated as the Universitys twenty-fourth president. The seal medallion is worn by the President at official ceremonies, such as commencement.On one side is the University seal with a facsimile of the four columns from the original territorial University building and the University Motto, Lux Sit, meaning let there be light. On the other side are the words, Seal of the President of the University. 4 '